7 reasons why your business needs social media marketing

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Social media marketing is one of the best tactics or digital marketing tools you can take advantage of to boost your business in South Africa.

South Africa has 36.54 million active internet users as of January 2020 and 34.93 million of which are mobile internet users. 22 million South African residents are active on social media, 21.56 million of which are active mobile users. Source: Statista

Try to paint the picture of our South African digital population in your mind, then ask yourself…Can my business afford not to be part of this population? Ofcourse not…right?

Well below I have compiled just 7 reasons why your business needs a solid social media presence….

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

Your business needs social media marketing, here is why;…..

It boosts awareness of your brand.

Social media platforms provide businesses with the privilege of having direct access to their potential customers with their ever growing active user bases.

Having access to these customers helps your business raise awareness of your brand cost-effectively and with ease. When you post about your business, products, services, offers etc, your followers see your posts and some share them on their friends and connections which is more exposure for your brand. This will also start to build trust in your brand from your audience.

It helps you build relationships with your audience.

Social media marketing gives businesses a human voice which will assist your business in establishing solid relationships with your audience. People interact well and connect with brands who understand them at a nearly personal level.

Generally people buy from businesses they know, trust and like.

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You can promote your products and services.

You can post your products and services on your social media pages so your followers can buy.Social networks also give you the opportunity to inspire potential customers to buy from you.

It is very important to know the best ways of promoting your products and also getting potential customers to choose you.

You can also post supporting information about your products and/or services, how to use them, how they can be of value to your customers etc.This will go a long way into convincing your customers to buy from a transparent source.

Social media marketing helps you understand your audience.

Monitoring your social media pages closely, reading and responding to your customers’ comments, complaints, compliments will give you more information that will make you understand your audience better.

As a business, now equipped with information about your customers’ needs, pain points,likes etc, you can be able to tailor your products and services to satisfy their expectations.

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Your competition is on social media.

More and more people are joining the social media world and also more and more businesses are taking advantage of the massive power of social media platforms of pooling large audiences.

There is a high chance that one or more of these businesses is your competitor. Imagine how much market share you could be losing to your peers by just not having an online presence.

Struggling to find your footing the social media space? No problem…we have just what you need to get started!

Boost your SEO , getting targeted traffic.

Social media platforms are great sources of quality traffic to your website. This is traffic of prospect customers who interact with your brand frequently as your followers. They are likely to easily convert into buying customers,that is if your website is well optimized for conversions.

Getting high quality traffic to your website, prospect customers who will already interested in what you offer will in turn boost your search engine rankings. This is due to the fact that search engines will perceive your site as a source of valuable information for an audience similar to the one you will be attracting via your social media pages.

Basically good social media marketing practices will boost traffic to your website, which in turn leads to higher rankings. Ranking high on search engine result pages increases your chances of getting click throughs to your website, potentially turning into more sales for your business.

Your business cannot afford not to have a social media presence, not at all!!!

Above I mentioned just 7 reasons why social media marketing needs to be part of your marketing strategy , however, this is just a fraction of the many other reasons.

Get started with it now . Contact us today let’s discuss your options.

Shawn Takawira

CEO and Founder of Digitechbolt A digital marketing and website design specialist. He specializes in assisting small to medium sized businesses grow and develop solid brands through the digital/online medium. If he is not working you find him in the Basketball court .

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