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School website + Learning management system

We design and develop websites and web based  learning management systems  for schools, colleges, universities and organizations that would like to offer training online.

Our e-learning solutions come as a package of a website integrated with a web based learning management system. All these will be accessible anytime, from anywhere and using any device which has a web browser.

The package includes:

  • Design of both website and LMS.
  • Development of both website and LMS.
  • Installation and configuration of the learning management system.
  • LMS administration training

Learning management system features

Online Classroom

Students can learn live on video, interacting with their tutor/teacher. Classroom features include; whiteboard, audio and video tools, tools to indicate raising hands etc.

Online Lessons

Create lessons that students can access online. You can upload videos, record audio or create text-based lessons. Assess your students by adding questions to your lessons that get marked automatically.

Learning pathways

A learning pathway template defines a set of competencies which you can assign to a group of users.

Team management

Control your team and manage learners through a single interface.

Advanced Reporting

Get a complete picture of your learners with customizable reports that outline your learners’ performance.

Course pre-requisites

Create a pre-defined path unlocking course/activity based on performance or completion of the previous course/activity.


Register students on the LMS using various authentication methods, custom registration forms, fields and more.


Motivate your students by setting up badges, which work as awards students can get as they progress with lessons.

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Our Work

Cracknum Online Tutors

This is an organisation based in South Africa that offers Mathematics tutoring services exclusively online.

We created their website and integrated it with a learning management system, which they use to connect and interact with their students across the country.

Visit the website.

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