SEO: 7 reasons why your business needs it in 2022

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SEO is an important part of Digital Marketing that every business should invest in. Search Engine Optimization provides small businesses with an opportunity to have a big voice to a specific audience. This has traditionally been the privilege to big businesses.

‘Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.’ Wikipedia

7 reasons why you should invest in SEO in 2022

1. People are actively searching for your products and services on search engines.

Nowadays consumers search the internet for products and services before making a purchase. 93% of online activities start on a search engine, it is only wise to make sure that your business can be found via search engines for what you offer.

Businesses that fail to incorporate SEO in their digital marketing strategy or perform poorly, miss out on this opportunity of attracting quality traffic. It is traffic of people actively searching for your products and services. These people are more likely to convert, potentially increasing leads and sales.

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2. Build trust and credibility using Search Engine Optimization

People trust websites that rank organically more than those that do not, they also trust them more than the paid/sponsored ones.This is because people trust the search engines algorithms to generate the best results for them.

Practicing good SEO and excelling in it will enable you to outrank your competitors. You will be in a position (1st page) where you can be viewed as trustworthy and credible on search engine result pages.

online trust and credibility

3. Promote you business 24/7 with top SEO rankings

It takes time and much effort to achieve top SEO rankings, however, once you are at the top,you can stay there as long as you keep monitoring and making necessary adjustments in time.

Ranking high on search engine result pages gives your business the opportunity to be found for services and products you offer, multiple times. This will make your brand stay top of mind of your prospects who are frequently interacting with your website.

24/7 online presence

4. You can measure the performance of your optimized website

There are many tools you can use to measure the performance of SEO for your business. These include free ones like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and paid ones like SemRush, SERanking etc.

These tools can help you measure these metrics and more;

  • conversions
  • source of conversions
  • organic traffic
  • progression of rankings…..
measure seo metrics

5. You are losing market share to your competitors who are using SEO

Your competitors are getting leads and clients that you are missing either because you are not implementing SEO or poor SEO practices. The traffic that your competitors are benefiting from comes from people actively searching for products and services that you offer too.

To attract that traffic to your site you need to incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy and implement it better than your competitors.

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6. Good Search Engine Optimization gives small businesses a big voice

A search engine optimized website can make you small business stand out and outrank competitors, regardless of the size of their businesses.

Large businesses usually rely on advertising and are likely to outspend small businesses in Pay Per Click advertising like Google Ads, however, small businesses with effective SEO strategies are able to outrank these large businesses.

small business

7. SEO is target-oriented

You can optimize your website for the specific keywords that your target customers are likely to use as words and phrases in searching for products or services you offer.

This ensures that visitors that will be pointed to your website are high quality traffic, actually in need of what you have to offer.

SEO has very high conversion rates and ROI compared to other marketing tactics because of this quality of being laser-targeted.

seo is laser-targeted


Investing your time, money and effort into quality and strong SEO will boost your website’s rankings and domain authority, which in turn will boost your business.

Make SEO part of your marketing strategy this year, outrank your competitors and attract high quality traffic to your website.

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