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Southern Sahara Flooring is an organization that specializes in the supply and installation of laminate, solid wood and vinyl flooring.

They operate within the Gauteng province.

For a period of 30 days

90 + leads

50 + quotes sent

R 300k + revenue


Southern Sahara Flooring ‘s goal is to increase profitability of the business so it grows, develop their brand and establish themselves as leading flooring specialists in Gauteng.

Due to the nature of their business which is on a project by project basis, they have to continually keep getting new clients in order to be able to meet their financial targets.


Our Approach

As a Digital Agency, we are proficient in utilizing digital technology solutions in assisting small businesses grow. After conducting our research, we concluded that Southern Sahara Flooring needed to have a solid online presence to get clients continually.

We created a website for them, set up and manage their Facebook page and Google Ads campaigns.

We designed the website in a way that it has perfect landing pages for their social media and google ad campaigns. The goals are to establish Southern Sahara Flooring as a thought leader in it’s field, increase brand awareness and drive  qualified leads.


Our digital marketing and designing efforts were highly fruitful, Southern Sahara Flooring got a fairly high ROI. 

For every R 1 spent on Ads they made approximately R 200. 

For a period of 30 days, they generated over R 300 000 revenue directly form digital marketing. 

Their Facebook community is gradually growing due to being drawn to the valuable content posted regularly on the Facebook page, as well as on the website. Traffic to the website is gradually increasing on a daily basis.


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client website
Southern Sahara flooring website
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