Why is my website not generating leads/sales

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You have spent some money in getting a website designed for your business, but still have not gotten any single lead or sale from the website. You are probably starting to think you made a bad investment, the website is proving to be unnecessary. Well, I can tell you without a doubt that getting a website designed for your business was a very good decision and in this article will explain why.

Let’s start by describing what a ‘website’ is; a website is basically an online/virtual representation of your business.

Let us say for example, you own a shoe selling business, you have a shore store (brick and mortar) where people can walk in and buy shoes. You can have an ecommerce website created for your shoe business, where people will be buying shoes from you online via the website and you deliver their shoes to them.

Now that we understand what a website basically is, let’s go back to our main question, ‘why is my website not generating leads/sales?’ The main 2 reasons why your website is not selling or generating leads are; either you are having a traffic problem or conversion problem.

Generate traffic to your website ( traffic problem)

If your online store has no sales or your website has no leads, it could be because you are not getting traffic or the right traffic to the site. If no one is coming to your site, you have no one to sell to.

Some of the effective ways you can employ to generate the right traffic to your website are;

  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing etc.

If you are selling products or services that are high in demand and are searched for often on the internet, you should make sure your website is visible to people searching for what you sell. You can achieve this visibility by investing in SEO or PPC like Google Ad Campaigns.

If you sell a very niche product that doesn’t get a lot of search volume online or if you want to get your products or services in front of a lot of people quickly, advertising will be your best option. To advertise your business and your solutions, you can run Ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram etc.

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Getting traffic to my website, but not getting sales/leads (conversion problem)

You are getting a lot of traffic to your website, however, very few people or none are buying from your site or signing up up as leads. Here are a few tips to consider to fix your problem;

Keep content on your website focused

Make sure your website keywords, copy and imagery speak to your target customer. Make sure you are addressing the pain points of your customer and offering them a solution to that problem. Your sales copy should be aligned with your target audience’s needs, focusing on benefits over features.

Create a user-friendly website structure and include clear ‘Call-to-Action’ Buttons

You will need to make sure the design of your website allows and guides your target customers into taking the right steps and actions towards converting them into buyers or leads. Choose the right colors and theme for your website that goes well with the kind of business you are in and the kind of customers you are targeting.

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Your website is not selling or generating (quality)leads because you are not getting the right traffic and also your website is missing the right elements to help convert the traffic into sales.

If you fix the traffic problem and add the missing elements on your website you will see some improvement in terms of getting sales. Invest in digital marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, Social Media Ads to attract the right traffic to your website and also optimize your site for conversions.

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